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To leave no stone unturned on our journey. To make sure we reach the furthest of all corners of the world, impacting and changing lives as we go along.


To create a wave that will reach all nations, influencing and motivating people from all spheres of life.


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Isaiah 60:1
Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

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Abigail Munyai is the author of book series titled, From the view of a preacher’s kid, a biographical novel outlining the interesting chain of events that she encountered on life’s journey. Abigail has spent the last decade documenting her life events and the emotions and thoughts arising therefrom. Her writing technique and storytelling ability is quite peculiar, and offers one of the most interesting reads. She has also began an international wave of change by offering motivational talks, interactive sessions, life changing courses and campaigns. She is also a Prophetess who ministers the word of God and an overall Spiritual giant.


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5. October, 2022.
She is a devoted Christian, a child of God who is serious about her relationship with the most High God. This book is heartwarming and soothing. It feels like you have taken her personal diary from her bedroom and you get to read her unfiltered content and this raw content will definitely impact your life and guide you on your Christianity journey.
Pao Mbewe
Pao Mbewe
24. March, 2022.
Newest Author on the Block...? I suppose would be man's typical view... Yet... From 'My Seat - through the Eyes of Mine Spirit'☺️... I perceive honour & nobility in a Vessel predestined of and annointed by the God of ALL Flesh, for WHOM NOTHING is too hard. I See Restoration through Perseverance I See Maturity through Counsel I See Power through the Practical Word I See.... Through Mine Eyes of the Spirit... Dedication to Living the Kingdom Way in Her Sojourn I See... A Daughter of the Most High God that has Learnt to Impact Others The Way She has Been Impacted by the Love of Christ. I See... A Girl Who has Blossomed into a Woman of Influence... I See... what I believe is God's Ultimate Masterpiece Created for His pleasure to do His Work as the Appointed Time
Chelize Buys
Chelize Buys
24. March, 2022.
"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden."- Matthew 5 v 14 Abigail Munyai is one of the trees which God has planted for me, and I believe for many others too, a tree who's roots are deeply inaugurated in Christ, a light that cannot be hidden a friend which I found in Jesus Christ. Ps Though I haven't met you in person, God allowed our paths to cross in time of dire need. I don't believe in coincidences anymore but rather purposeful moments. It were these moments that God used you to shed light in the darkness, moments where God used you to plant seeds and in these moments a deeper level of friendship evolved a Spiritual Connection. I thank God for making you part of my journey.
Ndivhuwo Gogela
Ndivhuwo Gogela
24. March, 2022.
Warm hearted and accommodative . Truly devoted and dedicated servant of the most high God . The anointing is felt through reading her book and also interacting with her . Selfless and down to earth individual. She is a blessing on her own . God bless the work of your hands.
Olubunmi Idowu
Olubunmi Idowu
24. March, 2022.
What an amazing ,talented ,lady.She is an author a great speaker making positive impacts; an inspiration and a blessing to womanhood.
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